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You do not need a physician’s referral or prescription for Occupational Therapy services. As a direct access state, all Occupational Therapists are licensed through the State of New Jersey. A physician’s prescription may be helpful in seeking reimbursement from your insurance company. If you have a prescription, make a copy for your records and submit the original to your insurance provider at the time you seek reimbursement. 


Find Relief Therapy is an out-of-network provider, which means that all clients must pay for services rendered at the time they are provided. After each appointment you are given a detailed, coded billing receipt or “superbill”. You then submit that receipt to your insurance company along with any other required forms. Keep a copy of all your submitted receipts and forms for your records. 

It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider prior to beginning therapy to seek clarification on your out-of-network Occupational Therapy coverage and deductible information. The following questions are a good place to start when contacting your provider. 

1. What is the reimbursement rate for out-of-network Occupational Therapy coverage? 

2. Is there a deductible to be met? 

3. How many visits are covered per calendar year or per diagnosis? 

4. Is a pre-authorization required? 

NOTE - Being an out-of-network provider allows Find Relief Therapy to give you complete, 1:1 treatment that is so often lacking in larger, in-network outpatient therapy centers.  ALL treatment time is spent solely focusing on you and helping you achieve your goals. This allows for a quicker recovery and ultimately saves you time and money. You get better faster and because we only address the root cause of your issues, you stay well once therapy is completed.