Pediatric Services 

As a pediatric occupational therapist I have been blessed to work with many amazing children over the years. Sometimes children require a strengthening of underlying skills such as gross and fine motor, sensory processing and visual spacial/perceptual motor so they can meet developmental milestones and function independently in their daily activities.  Being able to learn these skills in their own natural environment, the home, is invaluable to the children as well as to their parents who are with them much more than any therapist would be. I truly enjoy working together with parent and child to help figure out ways to make daily life fun and functional, no matter what the developmental challenge. To achieve this I am trained to provide the following services...

- Comprehensive evaluation of developmental skills from brith to adolescence.

- Individually tailored treatment to address difficulties in neuromuscular control, sensory processing, gross motor, fine motor,

  perceptual and adaptive skills.
- Home programming.

- Referrals to related services as needed.
- Consultations with related therapists, teachers, and allied health professional.
- Site visits to home, school and community programs.

- CranioSacral Therapy

- Creation of individual Sensory Integration diets for in-home and community use. 

- Sensory space evaluations for the home. 
- Sound Therapies including The Listening Program and Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention [REI]. 

- Handwriting Without Tears program implementation. 


"Amanda Fleissner is our Godsend! You got Elias started on his path to greatness!! For that we are forever grateful. Thank you Amanda." 

                        - Jennifer, Belleville NJ

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