Who does PUSH Therapy help?
Everyone! If you have any of the following conditions then you most likely have chronic passive tension (CPT). CPT is the presence of CHRONIC tension in muscles and soft tissues of the body. PUSH Therapy targets CPT at the source and seeks to permanently increase strength and mobility of the body. Those seeking this therapy often come with a myriad of acute and chronic symptoms and conditions including: 

Tension Headaches/Migraines                                  Sciatica    
Restless Leg Syndrome
Chronic Shoulder Tension                                          Knee Pain
Frozen Shoulder                                                            Plantar Fascitis
Bursitis                                                                            Chronic Muscle Tension
Tendonitis                                                                       Poor Posture
Carpal Tunnel                                                                 Repetitive Stress Injuries
Hip, Neck or Back Pain                                                 Prevention of Injury
Low Back Pain                                                                Enhancement of Sports Performance

What are the Five Methods of PUSH?

1. Tension Release Treatment – Clients experience the use of manual pressure gently applied layer by layer to release their rigid, sensitive tissue which restores blood flow immediately. This creates healthy, supple and mobile tissue in the body. Treatment is the starting point for achieving long-term relief from chronic pain and tension.

2. Tension Release Training - Clients are taught a series of progressive exercises that release tension in muscles while building strength and endurance. By using the larger muscles of the body to support smaller muscles, clients can work out lightly or to an extreme level without suffering any building of joint tension or chronic muscle tension. 

3. PUSH Self-Treatment – Clients are taught how to quickly and easily treat their bodies at home to prevent symptoms from returning and to speed the healing process. This allows clients to take control of their pain, an experience that leaves them empowered and successful.

4. PUSH Mobility Training – Clients learn how to use their bodies correctly in their every day movements. This is the key to finding the source of chronic tension or pain and eliminate life-long patterns of tension building.

5. PUSH Endurance Training – Clients learn simple exercises that teach the body to have new muscle memory. Old rigid muscle patterns are replaced with new, supple muscle patterns.  These exercises strengthen the muscles that support the core of the body without creating negative tension patterns.

What should I expect from my first session?
The initial evaluation is a 120 minute session. You will bring your completed client intake form to discuss your symptoms and goals. A full body assessment will be completed and then we begin with learning the first of your retraining exercises. The second half of the session will involve manual treatment on the table to more specifically target your symptoms. You will stay fully clothed the entire time. During treatment the therapist will discuss basic PUSH Therapy® principles and the PUSH Treatment PlanSM. The session will conclude with another full body reading to assess structural changes in your body and relief from pain. 

How many sessions will I need?
Generally you will need at least 7-10 sessions to be taken through the entire PUSH Treatment PlanSM. 
The number of treatment sessions is ultimately based on what is needed to achieve your desired goals. 
Since PUSH Therapy® is tailored to your individual needs, success also depends on your participation in the process. If your condition is severe or has developed over a long period of time, it may take longer to resolve. How often will I need treatment?
The first several treatment and training sessions are usually the most effective if scheduled 3 to 7 days apart. 
If you have acute pain or are an athlete, treatments and training can be more often to maximize quick results.
As your body responds, sessions can be scheduled with less frequency.

How long after treatment can I experience changes?
You may experience changes anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after treatment. It is important to drink plenty of water after each session to hydrate your body and flush toxins from your system. A hot shower or bath will help keep the newly restored blood flow to your muscles. It is also recommended that you do not exercise for 24 hours after treatment.

Are there any contraindications for PUSH Therapy
There are some conditions, where it is NOT advisable to receive 
PUSH Therapy. The general contraindications include:

Pregnancy                            Advanced Osteoporosis
Fractured Bones                 Some Types of Cancer
Severe Bruises                    Recent Surgeries (less than 8 weeks)
Open Skin Lesions

If you have concerns about a condition or injury you have, please discuss them with us when scheduling your appointment.


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PUSH Therapy                                                                   "Nothing is more dramatic than actually seeing the results 
                                                                                           of a PUSH session in the mirror."   - Irene, Central NJ 

What is PUSH Therapy?

PUSH Therapy® is a specialized form of muscle therapy that was specifically designed to eliminate pain originating from chronic passive tension in soft tissues of the body. This systematic discipline incorporates physical treatment as well as endurance and strength training for lasting results. Relief from pain and changes in the structure and movement of the body can be immediate. Clients are active recipients and empowered creators of their own physical health.

PUSH Therapy® incorporates a unique tension release treatment technique that releases chronically tight tissue one layer at a time. Increased range of motion and structural changes can be seen immediately. The use of tension release training then allows clients to progress quickly through treatment and create long-term, permanent change in the body.