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"If you would have told me that I would feel this good after three sessions I would have never believed. After 30 years to be 95% out of pain is amazing!"
                                        Susan, Roseland NJ


A highly effective light-touch treatment that releases tension in the craniosacral system. Can be used on anyone from newborns to the elderly. 

I strive to give every client what they are looking for, be it short-term pain relief or long-term good health.  

Clinic-based Occupational Therapy treatment for children with developmental delays & sensory processing difficulties using CranioSacral Therapy and sensory integration strategies.

Meet Amanda

A specialized muscular therapy that relieves chronic pain and tension in the body using a revolutionary combination of body treatment and training. 

I believe in personalized care that gets to the source of the problem and is based on your health concerns.  


​​Relieve.           Retrain.         Restore. 

PUSH Therapy 

CranioSacral Therapy 


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